• Step 1: IU Application
  • Step 2: Receive your UID 7-10 Days after starting the IU application Process UIDS are in the version of (2000XXXXXX) 
  • Step 3: Complete IU email
  • Step 4: Contact Recommender for Groups application worksheet and complete application online
    • Groups Application now will include a video response to the question below
      • “What will you gain from the Groups Scholars Program at Indiana University Bloomington if you were to be accepted?”
      • Video must be a response under 30 seconds in mp4 format. (Please rename your video to reflect your first and last name prior to submission, i.e. Smith, Jane.mp4)
  • Step 5: Receive Groups Decision mid-December

Quick timeline example 

  • Day 1 Apply to IUB through IU applications 
  • Day 7-10 Receive UID and set up email 
  • Day 10-14 Finish Groups Application

You are joining 15,550+ alumni roster for Groups Scholars Program