Admitted Students

Your Journey Towards Success

Once you are admitted to the Groups Program, you will be required to complete the list of tasks below. You will receive an email to remind you of upcoming deadlines.

  • Establish IU Email:
    • Instructions will be sent through the IU Office of Admissions.
  • Canvas Invite:
    • Invite sent through your IU email to join our Canvas page, which will keep you updated with our task list. 
  • Complete IUB Admissions task
    • If students need to finalize anything in their admissions process, they need to do so, including but not limited to sending in test scores, senior schedules, or financial information.
    • Opens October 1st, 2023, with a deadline of April 15
  • Groups is IU
    • Area Visit
      • First of mandatory meetings required of selected students. Groups staff will visit areas across Indiana to meet with students. Students and a parent /guardian must attend to remain in the program. Visits take place from the last week of February through the first week of March. The itinerary for Area Visit 2024 TBP. Admitted students will receive an email to register to select the visit they will attend.  
  • Cream and Crimson
    • Cream & Crimson Welcome is the mandatory campus visit. Selected students will receive an email invitation to attend this meeting and be provided with registration information during the Area Visits. Students are required to register and attend. Parents/guardians are encouraged to accompany their students but not required. Students will be provided information about housing, financial aid, and the Summer Experience Program and meet current Groups Scholars and staff.
  • Groups Partnership Agreement and Groups Photo Release
    • Due after our Cream and Crimson Visit
  • Fall Housing Application
    • Our partnership with housing requires students to fill out their housing earlier than their peers.
    • Due End of February/Early March
  • English Survey
    • To be placed into summer classes and fall classes, we must know if you are receiving transfer credits for English
  • Placements Tests
    • Math Placement- To determine which summer or fall math you will take.
    • Foreign Language Placement - Please take a test in either the language they studied in High School or languages they are a native or fluent speaker.
  • Summer Course Selection
    • Students will be sent a survey to select the courses they want to take in the summer.
    • Refer to Canvas or Groups in IU booklet received at Area Visit for the link.
  • Groups Summer Housing Survey
    • Survey will be sent out to determine their roommates and placement for the Groups Summer Program.
  • Housing Summer Application through RPS
    • Located in the same location as the fall housing application.
    • Do not complete until instructed to do so. Will receive guidance after Cream & Crimson Welcome.
    • Must select Groups Scholars Program.
  • Crimson Card Upload
    • Students must take and upload their Crimson Card photo.
    • Select pick-up at orientation, and we will have it ready for move-in

Summer Experience Program

If you have completed all of the preliminary requirements to participate in the Groups Scholars Program, you will be eligible to attend the Summer Experience Program (SEP). The experience includes taking part in a rigorous college “boot camp” designed to provide a taste of college work in areas such as Business, Informatics, Public Health, Sociology and many more to help facilitate the transition from high school to college.