Admitted Students

Your Journey Towards Success

Once you’ve been accepted as a participant in the Groups Scholars Program, you will be required to attend two mandatory meetings:

  • Groups Is IU :This is a visit in or near the city in which you live. Students should refer to their letter of acceptance for information on dates and locations for these visits. You AND at least one parent or guardian MUST attend. All meetings begin at 7 p.m. For additional information or questions about the visits in your area, please contact the Groups Scholars Program at
  • Cream & Crimson Welcome: The Cream & Crimson Welcome is held in March or April every year on the Bloomington campus. Students are required to attend, and parents/guardians are encouraged to accompany their student. Students will participate in various activities, including informational sessions about housing and financial aid; participate in a walking tour of campus; and vwill meet current Groups Scholars and staff. Students who have met all requirements for participation will receive an email in March detailing the the Summer Experience Program.

Summer Experience Program

If you have completed all of the preliminary requirements to participate in the Groups Scholars Program, you will be eligible to attend the Summer Experience Program (SEP). The experience includes living on campus for a little over six weeks the summer before freshman year and taking part in a rigorous college “boot camp” designed to provide a taste of college work in areas such as Business, Informatics, Public Health, Sociology and many more while becoming familiar with the campus.